About Me

Hi, I'm Seb!


I am a conceptual designer and creative technologist from Germany.

My Work

What do I do?


I Develop software and systems on the edge between art and technology

My Philosophy

From Idea to Implementation. Bit by bit.


For me an idea is a question, and the implementation is the answer!

My Profile

Who am I as a Person?


I am...

My Skills

I am a Two-Fold personality with a split skill-set

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Media Mechanic

  • I am a conceptual and analytical designer
  • I am curious, critical and conscious
  • I can work with difficult and abstract topics
  • I work tirelessly to find a special angle in the subject in question
  • I use logic and intuition to develop an idea to its fullest potential
  • I have an innate ability to turn ideas into mechanics and turning mechanics into systems
  • I weave together different components and conditions meticulously creating depth and complexity
  • I think interdisciplinary and love to develop a project with a team
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Creative Coder

  • I use programming as main tool of expression
  • I experiment with technology
  • I love to learn new programming languages and frameworks
  • I can prototype the media product flexibly and implement it across different systems
  • I work by the ideal of elegant code & solid architecture
  • I have experience with many tools in the media industry, a vast number of programming languages and paradigms
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